We Bragg about Gypsy Maries’s subscription box

We Bragg!

Bragg Creek, Alberta is our Gem of the West, choc-o-block with remarkable people, stories, sights, sounds and artistic stimulation. Although Bragg Creek has long been a favorite stop and shop destination, resplendent in wilderness views, adventures, good food, and unique shopping, it is remarkable how many folks have passed on by the Village to hit the trails. People, this Village is stuffed with local artisans wares, clothing and books and gifts and hardware and rocks and jewellery and food and furnishings to catch any taste, any time. 

Let’s start. So, when a gift package comes unexpectedly, one often experiences a delicious thrill. What’s inside? And the mystery, the anticipation itself, is often more the  actual ‘golden memory’ than even the contents. So, we decided to embark on that ‘feel good’ moment, and pick a package, full of surprise gifts and unique ideas, hoping  to tantalize life-hack sensibilities and comfort-buy senses, all in one box.

Well,  I found myself at Gypsy Maries. This corner shop specializes in Canadian and local made wares. And they had The Package! Once a month, you can purchase a pre-packaged set of wonders gathered from the shop and arranged by the Shopkeeper in a beautiful, ribboned box emblazoned with that particular months theme. The cost is $90.00 and promises over $150.00 in value.

This box, titled “AUGUST, it’s like the sunday of summer!”  was, like each one box offered that month, filled with local items. From an agreeable 5-ingredient Chocolate Raspberry Pancake mix and ’Spicy Ketchup’ made in Okotoks (delicious), ‘snack bag’ with reusable straws (fits my cosmetics) and – what I have always wondered about – the beeswax and cotton food wraps I am eager to  try out, topped off with a ‘Sunday Funday’ soy candle (so nice it stays open in my clothing hutch so I can wear the smell daily). A new hair scrunchy found its way immediately into a ‘messy bun’. Lip balm had to be tried. The bracelet was uncovered; a treasure of  amazonite and lava-stone beads scented with ‘Energy’ (essential oil included). ‘Unpaper’ towelettes, wee facial rounds and cloth wipes are a bathroom winner along with ‘bare natural’ bathroom cleaner to soothe the wholistic soul.

Well, the good news is that many of theses items I just wouldn’t buy on their own. And now I have them, and am pleased. And the contents of this box promise a golden memory all on their own. The bad news is that I just may be hooked on a monthly box from Gypsy Maries. Or maybe, that’s not so bad.

Two Thumbs Up to Caroline, and to Gypsy Maries, in the Bragg Creek Shopping Mall! 

Yours In Review,

Christianne Klaudt.

One thought on “We Bragg about Gypsy Maries’s subscription box

  1. Thank you so much Charis and Christianne. I am so thrilled you enjoyed your Mystery Box. I love that you loved the experience, just as much as the wonderful products it was filled with. I am honoured to support so many local artists and makers in my store, and it puts a smile on my face knowing you will be enjoying them in your home.
    Thank you again for the feature and am blushing you decided I was worth Bragging about 🙂
    Gypsy Maries


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